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Interactive Workshop 2: Negotiation Skills (Part 2)

Date:   Jun 07, 2018 - Jun 08, 2018
Time:   8:30 AM (ADT)
Location:   Future Inns Halifax
Maple Room
30 Fairfax Drive
Halifax, NS

Negotiation skills are essential for any manager, and especially those responsible for supply chain management. Skilled negotiators need to understand their own needs, wants and reservation points, as well as those of their counterpart. This workshop will provide candidates with a road map for leading or participating in successful negotiations. Candidates will use self-assessment tools and prepare appropriate responses to power imbalances, persuasion techniques and ethical concerns with a focus on building longer-term relationships. Interactive activities, including negotiation simulations and role-playing exercises of increasing complexity, will allow candidates to fine-tune their negotiating skills.

Learning outcomes:

• Understand and develop the primary negotiation skills.
• Develop a BATNA, and estimate a reservation point in preparation for negotiation.
• Apply tools for negotiation preparation—including selfassessment and assessment of the other party.
• Explain the complexity of multiparty negotiations, and apply strategies for effective negotiation in the multi-party context.

Special permission is required to take Interactive Workshop 2.1 and Interactive Workshop 2.2 separately.



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